School management software demo is free available now for schools to check all features before signup. Please contact us for free demo of online school management software with hosting and web page for your school.

Nutan Bharat School Management Software Demo
Nutan Bharat School Management Software Demo

Thank you for making successful launch of English Speaking concept two years ago. Now its time to go digital for school management also.

Yes, now you can get the best online school management software for your school. Without even spending so much money on it.

Nutan Bharat software is a safe and fast way to manage your school from anywhere in the world. Because you can log in to your admin panel from your phone also. You just need a phone with internet connection to make your school management digital in only 5 minutes.

There are so many feature available in this software. Like you can send notification, home work and files to anyone whenever you want. You can also receive student fees online and student will automatically get the receipt for the same.

If you are a school director and you ever wonder, what a super school management software feel like? this is the answer. If you do not believe it than what is the better way than trying it. For demo, contact us anytime and you will feel how amazing and easy this software is.

We are an Indian company for Indian schools. So we know what you exactly need like multi-language option, remote work, easy setup, easy training and so on. We have all resources and work ethic to fill your school related requirements.

A free gift for you to try after school management software demo :

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Thank you so much for showing interest in our products and services. Have a good day.