School management is not easy. To quote Lon Watters, “School is a building which has four walls with tomorrow inside.” It is a huge responsibility to run a school as it shapes the future of a nation.

While it is easier to convince a grown-up about it, students, on the other hand, dislike going to school.

Most of us know how students become Tom Sawyer from “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Mark twain when they have to get up and get ready for it. Students make all kinds of excuses that are sometimes funny and sometimes also make you feel upset as all you ever aim to be is the foundation of their bright and successful future.

It’s as important for students to feel good about your school as it is for their parents. You have to be the school that students feel good about and want to come to every day. But how to do it?

Let’s discuss.

How to make students feel good about your school?


1.    Have balanced educational philosophies

While there are different philosophies to best teach students and prepare them for a successful life, it’s a school’s choice to create a balance among these philosophies. Here are the most famous ones:

  1. To develop leadership skills: The Montessori philosophy focuses on letting students learn at their own pace, explore on their own, and get a reward on completion.
  2. To emphasize extra-curricular activities and individualism: The Waldorf philosophy emphasizes reading, creative learning, singing, and acting, and inculcating team spirit.
  3. To encourage curiosity in students: The Reggio Emilia philosophy encourages to explore and engage project-based learning, ask questions and be curious as the lessons are based on students’ interest. It’s great to let students frame their learning as they encounter things.

Pro tip: All of the above philosophies are important and to be kept in mind while teaching students. Students like freedom, just like any other individual on this earth. When you keep a balance among these philosophies, you make sure that every student is growing and that’s what makes them feel free in your school.

2. Invest in your teachers and school management

Young kids are happy when their favourite teachers share personal experiences. The little ones get happy with just getting candies from them. Every student young or a little older, likes it when their favourite teacher is happy.

Happy teachers = happy students.

It’s important to lead students to associate education with happiness, as their teachers do. So be it giving teachers the right technology to achieve efficient school management when they have heavy workloads or giving them the appreciation they deserve to shape the future of the nation, all steps must be taken to ensure their happiness as well. 

3. Take into account social and emotional factors

We all know that many schools are known for bullying cases that happen on their premises. These cases end up making students feel bad about their school. Older kids look for social and emotional interactions. These interactions also affect their well-being. Have a strong anti-bullying policy that helps students to build up social skills. If need be, have a guidance counsellor to limit bullying in your school and eliminate it.

Yes, It is possible.

We hope these tips will help you build an environment where students can feel good about your school.

Pro tip: Today’s kids are way smarter than the generations we’ve had before and it’s important to invest in technology that helps both kids and teachers feel more connected to your school. School management gets easier when you have the right resources beside you.

Thank you for shaping the future of the nation!

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